Young Widow Living Foundation

The Young Widow Living Foundation is dedicated to providing educational support for children of widows and widowers. YWL_silhouette

Did you know…?

Children of single parent households typically score below their peers on academic tests compared to children from dual parent households.

Over 27% of widows age 18-44 live in poverty. 

Widows are 65% more likely to be in poverty than their divorced peers.

Falling through the cracks is easy for children that have lost a parent. They need to contend with grief while trying to focus on school. In many cases their whole world changes due to the finances of the parent left behind. We are here to help.

In addition to helping with the academic needs of children who lost a parent we are also committed to strengthening the widow/widower community through family learning and networking opportunities. Sometimes it truly does take a village to make it through life’s challenges.


One way we have started to build a sense of community is through local police departments with our “Angel’s Kids Club” boxes. This is a very easy program to start in your community – it only takes one conversation to generate interest!  We’d love to partner with you to bring this program to families in your area.  Click HERE for more information!

Finally, we would love to expand our mission in the future to support education for widows and widowers to improve their income status.  We have big dreams and we hope you support us along the way.

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