Angel’s Kids Club

The Angel’s Kids Club was born from a conversation with the local police department in Kernersville, NC.  We started talking about different ways we could work together to ensure children that lost a parent knew they had an advocate in their local school resource officer while providing resources to them at the same time.

The Angel’s Kids Club was born.  AngelsKidsClub_logo

This program provides resources in the form of age and gender appropriate materials to local police departments.  Books include The Invisible String, The Gift of a Memory, The Memory Box, My Daddy’s In Heaven, It’s OK That You’re Not OK, and even books for school counselors like Creative Interventions for Bereaved Children. Journals hold a lot of power, and positive coloring books are another option.  We provide everything from a box for special memories to coloring supplies to manage grief through creativity. Sometimes, a stuffed animal is just the right gift and we strive to find just the right mix of soft and sturdy for all the hugs and tears.

There are some books for parents, but most importantly we provide free or very reduced cost services in the local areas such as social security, hospice, financial counseling, summer camps for grieving children, and even pro-bono lawyer support for probate!  The goal is to make these community resources known and simple to access.

Each box is customized by the local officer that plans to gift the box to the child(ren). The materials for the Angel’s Kids Club program are stocked at the department along with age and gender appropriate recommendations.  When supplies get depleted, a simple email will notify us that replenishment is needed and supplies can be delivered within a week.

Are you a community advocate? Do you know a local police officer?  If yes, please share this page to see if there is an interest in launching the Angel’s Kids Club in your area.  If the department is interested, we’ll set up a meeting, review the program as well as known community resources, pick a date and a launch plan.  That’s it! All it takes is sparking an interest and a willingness to partner to make a difference for grieving families.